Oil To Ashes - A Linc Freemore Novel

Oil To Ashes (Apocalyptic Thriller)

A Linc Freemore Novel by Lee Brait

"As usual his morning commute took him past that simple wooden cross, planted above the pit with the charred sides. And as usual Linc's stomach turned at the thought of it happening to the next child."


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A Linc Freemore Novel (Apocalyptic Thriller). 222 pages (55.380 words)

"Perfect Apocalyptic Novella", "A good dark read", "You want Linc on your side!" "Loved the waterboarding scene – it was so real!" - See more reviews on Amazon.


The war on terror has escalated to a nihilistic brawl for oil. Brutal and incessant gang violence now rules the headlines. Is it a forecast for the end of justice and consequence?


For Linc Freemore, another drudge at the office, another broken promise looms. He stumbles on a savage crime, half-done. Unarmed. Deserted. In a tranquil wood, the kind of place he longs for time with his family. Today filled with violence and despair. Should he bolt for safety? Or viciously defend, his own brand of justice?


As peace seems overwhelmed by random acts of suburban violence, Linc must stop an unknown murderer and save his wife and son. One killer becomes many, a conspiracy larger than he could conceive.

Linc already gave his son's childhood to the company. For a better life. Is that lost too?


As the tipping point of war is breached chaos reigns and Linc must fight viciously for his life, for his family and for his own virtue. He discovers the true nature of the company he gave his best years to, the depths of their greed and conspiring and the limits of his own endurance.

Linc discovers how deep he's willing to dig to for a stranger, to save his family. How far he's willing to blur the lines.Contains Violence.

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