The Forsaking Game - Oil To Ashes Prequel - A Linc Freemore Short Story

The Forsaking Game - Oil To Ashes Prequel (Apocalyptic Thriller)

A Linc Freemore Story by Lee Brait

"They all wanted one, but his son was the only ten year old Linc knew who had a Lamborghini.
He flicked the light on and the hairs on the back of his neck stood to attention. It was empty. His spine gave an involuntary shudder. The obnoxious black and yellow sheets were tossed aside, the pillow had a dent where a small head should be. He touched the sheet. Any warmth was long gone."


This unpublished work is available exclusively to my readers club on PDF, Mobi (Kindle) or ePub (iBook, B&N).


A Linc Freemore Story (Apocalyptic Thriller). 44 pages (10.909 words)

A rare day with family. Work invades. His son, missing. Witness to murder. Will he ever see them?

Linc Freemore is having his first day with his family in a year. A simple day out begins to be sabotaged by work, his son going missing, a grizzly road incident and a series of events that conspire against him.
Meet Linc and his family and know what makes them tick. Learn the selfless deed that will be perverted by greed to devastating effect later in the series.
This fast paced Prequel to "Oil to Ashes" is unpublished and only available to my readers club.


"I found it to be the most emotional so far (probably because I'm a girl*;;) batting eyelashes). Even though I never had kids, I felt tears coming to my eyes and panic setting in, and I had to stop reading for a while.
The attention to detail, especially the details of Linc's work, made the story all the more realistic."



"I really enjoyed this short story giving more insight into Linc's background. I loved how the sense of dread built up during the reading of the story. I felt like an invisible clock was ticking and got progressively more nervous as the story progressed. I'm not sure why it affected me the way it did, but it was a good thing.  The whole time I had the feeling that something bad was about to happen.  Of course, all of your stories about Linc and this universe make me feel that way, that's probably why I enjoy them so much. You just have an incredible ability to create suspense and an eerie build-up to more and more increasingly strange events."



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