Oil To Ashes 3, Warehouse - A Linc Freemore Story

Oil To Ashes 3, "Warehouse" (Apocalyptic Thriller)

A Linc Freemore Story by Lee Brait

"Linc's son watched as the man stood against the grim night, his arms outstretched as if to give his life on a cross. The red halo from the fires trembled behind and softly outlined the tops of his arms, the slight kink in his elbows and the fabric that sagged below."


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A Linc Freemore Story (Apocalyptic Thriller). 108 pages (26,744 words)

Life is now war. Linc's family are taken. Will he murder to get them back?

In the brutal conclusion of Oil To Ashes chaos reigns, all hope of peace is lost and Linc Freemore has failed to keep his family safe. Can he endure the worst this new reality can torture him with?Can he abandon his principals to get them back?

Linc discovers the true nature of the company he gave his best years to, the depths of their greed and conspiring and the limits of his own endurance.

Contains Violence.

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