Oil To Ashes 2, Truce - A Linc Freemore Novelette


Oil To Ashes 2, "Truce" (Apocalyptic Thriller)

A Linc Freemore Story by Lee Brait

"It started as a faint drone, barely discernible over the thumping pistons, raging wind and his suffocating panic. Linc pushed the lumbering Harley as fast as he dared, toward his son, toward the knife."


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A Linc Freemore Story (Apocalyptic Thriller). 67 pages (16.626 words)

Truce brings hope. A nameless slayer erases it. Can Linc save his family for good?

As peace seems overwhelmed by random acts of suburban violence, Linc Freemore must stop an unknown murderer and save his wife and son. One killer becomes many, a conspiracy larger than he could conceive.

Linc already gave his son's childhood to the company. For a better life. Is that lost too? As the tipping point of war is breached Linc must fight viciously for his life, for his family and for his own virtue.

Contains Violence.


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