Not so long ago I'd never written a word of fiction. I would never have considered writing a short story, let alone a novel.

I wanted to publish my non fiction guides on Amazon Kindle and I didn't know where to start. So I bought Geoff Shaw's Kindling course to learn how to do it.

Before I knew it Geoff had convinced me to stop wasting my time with non fiction and start writing fiction and Linc Freemore is the result.


If you'd like to publish anything (non-fiction or fiction) on Amazon Kindle (and iBooks, Barnes & Nobels, Smashwords and a bunch of others) I highly recommend Geoff's training. It's the best there is and it gets better all the time.

You'll also have the opportunity to join an incredibly successful and supportive group of writers who will help you along each step of the way.

Come and join the Kindling family. Please not that this is an affiliate link and if you use it I may receive a little bit of income.





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Want to self publish on Amazon Kindle or iBooks? Here's how I did it.

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